We strive for high quality products that meet the standards and regulations that have been formed in collaboration between stakeholders in the organic farming industry. Our company is tested annually on several topics. View and download the various certificates that van Andel Bio complies with. 

Every Dutch company that wants to trade, produce or store organic products must be SKAL certified. The SKAL certification is based on European regulations and is checked at least once per year. 

Download here: SKAL-Certificate Bio 6003

Download here: SKAL-Certificate Bio 25121


Demeter is a quality certificate for biodynamic farms. The Demeter quality certificate guarantees the standards for organic farming that have been developed in accordance with European regulations. Demeter also uses additional standards and guidelines that are required for the Demeter certificate.

Download here: Demeter van Andel Bio

Download hier (ENG): Demeter van Andel Bio (EN)

Global Gap contains all European guidelines for agricultural products. The main focus is on food safety, which is closely linked to the traceability of our products. Van Andel Bio and partner growers meet all requirements of the Global Gap certification. 

Download here: Global-GAP Certificaat


Together with the EKO foundation, organic farmers commit to the annual sustainability goals within 12 themes. These themes include transparency, soil, recycling cycle and biodiversity. 

Download here: EKO-Certificate


The BRC Certificate (British Retail Consortium) guarantees the food safety, traceability and the high quality of a food processing company. The processing plant is tested on more than 300 points within these themes. 

Download here: BRC van Andel Bio

GRASP (Global Risk Assessment on Social Practice) is a supplement to the Global-GAP certification that emphasizes the social aspects of the company. For example theme's like personnel and payroll administration, pensions and work outsourcing are investigated. 

Download here: Grasp van Andel Bio

The Tesco Nurture certificate is a requirement from supermarket chain Tesco to be able to deliver fruit and vegetables. With this, Tesco sets additional conditions on top of the Global-GAP certification with regard to environmentally responsible cultivation methods and product quality. 

Download here: Tesco Nurture – van Andel Bio


Bio Suisse is a Swiss private label for the organic market. The conditions of Bio Suisse must be observed in addition to those of the European organic label (EU-Organic). 

Download here: Bio Suisse certificate Van Andel Bio

Naturland is a certificate that wants to make a substantial contribution to the protection of humanity and the environment. Naturland standards are focused on top quality food production that is in harmony with nature and the environment. 

Download here: Naturland 2020, Van Andel Bio BV

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