Welcome to van Andel Bio

Van Andel Bio is an organic agriculture and vegetable growing company in Zeewolde, The Netherlands. We are founded in 1989 and grow about 20 different crops on the fertile soil of southern Flevoland. Our passion is to grow tasteful and healthy crops in harmony with nature.

About us

We grow our crops on land that originates from Switzerland and Germany. The rivers have carried clay particles full of minerals to the low countries and deposited them at the bottom of the former Zuiderzee…

Promotion movie La Place

For La Place we have worked on a promotional video of our pumpkins. Here we explain how our pumpkins are grown organically and get their delicious taste! 


Our entire company works organically, according to the standard EU regulation. We are affiliated with the EKO quality mark. We are working on the further development of various sustainability themes ...

Acknowledged learning company

van Andel Bio is an officially recognized training company for MBO students. Are you looking for a fun and educational internship? Please contact us via our contact form or view the page below. 


New canteen

A nice new canteen has been made at Van Andel Bio. This ensures that our employees have a plek hebben om te..

25 februari 2020

Jaarrond biologische uien

De biologische uien van Van Andel en Twisk vinden hun weg bijna jaarrond naar supermarkten..

23 juni 2020

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